Order of Saint Benedict

Anglican Diocese of All Nations (ACNA)

The Order of Saint Benedict shall function as a ministry of the Anglican Diocese of All Nations (ACNA) for the purpose of formation in community guided by the study of Holy Scripture and the Rule of St. Benedict (Rule) to the end that the members of the order deepen their walk with Christ and live lives of obedience, humility, prayer and charity expressed in works of mercy, and obedience to the Great Commission (evangelism & mission—Mt 28:18-20). Essentially, this order is for men and women (lay and clergy) who wish to encourage and hold each other up and accountable as to live the Christian life under the Gospel of grace in Christ.


  1. This order will operate under the episcopal oversight of the Anglican Diocese of All Nations, with individual membership of laity and clergy who are members in good standing of a parish within the diocese. The rules of this Order are subject to revision by the Diocesan Canons and Customary.
  1. This order will be led by an Abbot appointed by the Diocesan Bishop for a term of 5 years (and renewable, as needed). Members are expected to follow the directions of the Diocesan Bishop and the Minister General. Failure to do so will lead to removal from the order.
  1. Members of the order shall be subject to the Canons and Constitution of the Diocese, the Diocesan Customary and the ecclesiastical discipline of the Anglican Diocese of All Nations.
  1. As an order, the focus will remain on establishing small group-based communities (Priories) throughout the diocese that will meet regularly for prayer, discipleship using the Rule, and studying the related Scriptural concepts both exegetically and devotionally in lectio with the intention of strengthening the members’ interior lives as “doers of the word, and not hearers only” (James 1:22).
  1. The order will gather for virtual Evening Prayer each month using the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer approved by the Diocesan Customary.
  1. The expectations of each member are as follows:
         a. Confirmed Anglican and received as a member of a parish in good standing with regular attendance in the diocese and with his or her Rector’s
         b. Live a godly moral life in charity toward our brothers and sisters according to the Scriptures, and “be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger”
             (James 1:19).
         c. Pray the offices daily (at the minimum, Morning and Evening Prayer).
         d. Study the Scriptures and thereby “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).
         e. Aspire to grow deeper, more stable interior life in the power of the Holy Spirit and welcome the stranger into a stable, discipling community.
  1. The following texts are recommended for prayer and study:
         a. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament.
         b. The Benedictine Handbook, published by Liturgical Press.
         c. Preferring Christ—A devotional commentary to the Rule of St. Benedict, by Norvene Vest.
         d. Any Prayer Book version approved by Diocese Constitution and Canons.
  1. For more information about the order, please contact The Rev’d Canon Barry C. Kowald, Abbot of the Order of St. Benedict, at (210) 817-5388, or e-mail him at bckowald@stbenedictanglicansa.org.